The new two-handed operation

Innovation in the area of cutting and grinding technology. The two-handed operation type 2H-SI is available for all of our pendulum cutting and grinding machines.

The increasing demand of workplace safety in foundries and the steel processing industry is a fundamental concern for us. Carelessness, outdated procedures and a lack of safety features unfortunately lead to regular working accidents. Grinding and cutting discs have very sharp edges that are used in the equipment and the speeds are also correspondingly high, therefore the risk of severe injuries is fairly high.

Due to the control panels currently used on hand guided cutting and grinding machinery, two essential security features cannot be guaranteed:

Not only occupational safety, but outstanding energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important issue for us and our customers. Using a specially tuned frequency converter integrated into the machine we have the possibility to ensure a rapid deceleration of the drive motor and the cutting and grinding disc. In addition, we allow immediate recovery of the energy within the company network. As a result, we achieve a significant reduction of power (active and idle current) which reduces running costs during the operation and leads to a more efficient work process.


We are proud to inform you that all of our pendulum cutting and grinding machines can be equipped with the proven two-handed operation to improve your work safety and efficiency to the maximum level.

two-handed operation