Automatic VOKA - 4-Line Separation System for Continuous Casting Type ASTM8110-4

The system is used for automatically scoring or separating one to four parallel strings, one preselected strand is processed in each case. These are strands with different writing speeds.

String spacing: 380 - 300 - 200 mm
Material quality: Gray cast iron GJL - notching approx. 1/3
Spheroidal graphite iron GJS - notching approx. 2/3
Material Density: Round: 40 - 280 mm;
Quadrat: Square: 40 - 280 mm; as well as rectangular dimensions in this area

The cutting operation takes place in case of small cross-sections and multi-strand arrangement in chop cutting. With large cross-sections and single-stranded arrangement, the cutting process takes place in traverse cutting (straight cutting processs).